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I am using this

to color the circle. I also want to change the circle position (it should be at the bottom of the button) so I tried to put it in a Button. But I cannot because it is an ImageView. How can I change the circle position while keeping the style? Thanks!


You can use app:layout_constraintBottom_toBottomOf=”parent” to give an UI element a position constraint to the parent view.

I’d happily try it myself, but the trade-off is the number of sites which would get broken and the hours of testing I’d have to do 🙂

But, is there any way you could set up some kind of a database which I could update with the changes I needed?

Sort of a “live” server to test against.

Thanks 🙂

Sun, 26 Nov 2008 13:54:14 +0000 Latest…
Now that I’ve fixed my old LiveJournal which ran completely out of space, I’ve started on re-running the “With out Satan’s Golden Touch” tests and “The Last 11” tests, too.
I’ve also pushed out the new “Style Check” feature, which will allow you to add your styles to a specific color.

I’ve also made some improvements to the “You Have Been Logged out!” notification system as well. I added a “Hide” button which will hide the little notifications bar at the top of your Live Journal.

Of course, the PDF version is still up on the Live Journal as of this writing.

Sun, 15 Nov 2008 15:47:38 +0000 Animations are the Best!
If you haven’t read this topic before, I’d recommend that you read it. You’ll be surprised at the little things we do to make our style check system easier for you.

Tag animations are the best way to do anything involving the new style check system. In fact, many of the animations in A.I. Please are tag animations, although the animations on the “Font” topic aren

Shao, X. (2009). New Features in Microsoft Office: Excel. Retrieved from
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro Update 3
There is a problem with the date to to the download. But that is only an Microsoft Windows 8.1 download

And this Microsoft Windows 8.1 ISO download.


The problem was actually on the server. The server responded with HTML code instead of the files. The server configured itself to respond with the HTML code and the links sent to the client were to the HTML files.

still a long way from universal proper name agreement in standard English.

Hence, even if there is a reason to call them pseudonames, we can not use that reason to say the good proper names are pseudonames.

Why they can’t serve as proper names

Any two people can agree on a name, and it will still be a proper name. However, two people can not agree on a name, and still be calling a certain domain a name.

Note the difference between the two:

two people can agree on a name

two people can not agree on a name

Wikipedia: Naming conventions

A name is a label

A name is arbitrary

A name is not always correct

A name is a coherent class of names

Immediate neighbor names

Name clashes in the real world

Name clashes in the naming convention

The concept of name clashes

Information sources

Oxford Dictionaries Online

American Heritage Dictionary

Name clashes

For examples of name clashes in real life:

first names



plural and singular forms

year of birth

though the year of birth has been replaced with year of birth in the standard, some people still do not know what the difference between year of birth and year of birth.

Yes, we can still use British English and Australian English to distinguish some of these things.

The naming conventions: the “essence”

The spelling conventions and pronunication of English is not arbitrary. They are not

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