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Manuale Psichiatria Siracusano Pdf 14

Pubblicato in quaweith su 16/06/2022
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Manuale Psichiatria Siracusano Pdf 14


Manuale Psichiatria Siracusano Pdf 14

manuale psichiatria siracusano pdf 14
The following is an adaptation of an article with the same title that appeared in The American Journal of Psychiatry, 141(5), 924-932, May 2004. 18 — 20 deve.

Article, copyright 2002 by the American Psychiatric Association. Center for Translational Psychiatry, a Division of the Medical College of Wisconsin. ISBN 0-9629225-9-9. PDF file, 242 KB.
The title and authors are included and need not be transferred to the abstract text. On the basis of the detailed description of the method/approach, the method/approach must be described unambiguously and completely in the first sentence of the abstract. The abstract must not be longer than 200 words. The abstract, including the title, must be in 10 to 14 point Times New Roman font. Formatting of single words is permitted, but not of phrases. Italics, underlining, or boldface are not permitted. Punctuation or spacing is restricted. The word count limit is 20 to 300. If required, an appendix consisting of four copies of the manuscript or Pdf-file must be provided, one of which may serve for reference. Papers should be prepared on stapled paper, followed by typing, and finally by binding in order of: title; author; institution; year of publication; abstract; keywords; and name of the journal. The manuscript is not entered in the publication files. A cover page is not necessary.

Word Processing A document must be written in a single, standard font and style, such as Times New Roman 12 or Times New Roman. Fonts should be spaced evenly. Characters should be left-justified within a fixed-width font. Colours, images and other elements should be placed at the proper point within the text. It is unprofessional to make formatting changes in the paper after the manuscript has been approved for the journal by the editor. The margin and position of all figures and tables are strictly determined by the journal, especially in the case of multi-column. For multi-page tables, the first page shall be presented at the beginning of the publication. Acknowledgements are required for all authors in the text and references. Figures and tables are required for all authors. In the technical literature, figures are usually included in their own section and tables are listed in the table of contents.

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