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SyntaxError: (unicode error) ‘unicodeescape’ codec can’t decode bytes in position 8-9: truncated \uXXXX


I see that your final string has a Unicode string as well as a plain string. This could be a problem, because if the string contains \N{…}, it is encoded as UTF-8, and is not automatically decoded. For the \uXXXX sequences you had, you’ll need to decode them:
utf_str = unicode(str[9:])

You can do the same thing with the final string in your loop, except you’ll use decode() to convert the characters to the latin 1 encoding:
substr_std = unicode(str[50:])
substr_std = str[50:].decode(‘latin 1’)

The \N{…} sequences are particularly tricky, because they do not appear in ASCII, so the original string is not decoded unless the specified charset is known. To get around this you can encode the string as a set of escape codes:
assert str[50:].encode(‘utf-8’) == r”\N{…}”

Then you can decode it like so:
substr_std = r”\N{…}”
substr_std = str[50:].decode(str[50:].encoding)

Friday, September 6, 2012

I have been knee deep in documentation at work for the last few days. I use MS Word on a daily basis to create documentation, including Powerpoint decks, To Do lists, and Handouts for our training classes.

I normally create powerpoints for both my customers and my training classes by using a template. Each class I create my powerpoints using a template that includes my company logo, as well as a nice header and navigation. I use PowerPoint to create the slides (with a few basic fonts), then export them to PDF to be printed.

For my customers I take the template that we have made, and replace the header with the customers logo, and replace the navigation with their own. This way they can customize their own presentation to highlight the services they provide, and the classes they are teaching.

As part of the process of creating my training classes I also need to add custom slides. Each section of a class has a custom slide that

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